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Victor Q. Giles Memorial Scholarship

The Giles family established the scholarship in memory of Victor Giles who passed in 2020.  Victor was a supporter of and donor to Touch Em All.  It is the family's hope this will not only help keep his memory alive but do so while also helping high school seniors with financial need in their efforts to reach their life goals.

Total Amount of Scholarship for 2021

  • Minimum of $2,000 (award may be split between 2 or more deserving candidates.)


  • Must have been on the baseball/softball roster of their high school team 2 of the last 3 years

  • Must be nominated by their high school coach

  • Must have 2 additional recommendations

    • ONE from a school administrator, counselor, teacher

    • ONE from another non-family individual

  • Must have a certain level of financial need

    • Evidence of need may be requested by committee

  • Must be in good academic standing

    • GPA & Test Scores will be considered by committee

  • Must complete an application/essay process

Application Deadline

March 31, 2021


Current Selection Committee

Dr. Bryan Johnson

Heather Jones

Debra Ramey

Gary Gray

Rungano Nyajeka 

Darryl Burris

Necessary Forms

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