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Andy Harper

President | Executive Director |

Member of the Board of Directors


Native of Kernersville.  Attended Kerwin Christian School and then Wake Forest University as a business major. After playing days ended, returned to Winston-Salem State University to gain teaching degree.  Has taught high school social studies in Winston-Salem/Forsyth and Guilford County schools for more than 15 years and has coached baseball for over 25 years.  Currently teaches AP World, AP US History, Civics & Economics and Sociology at Kearns Academy.  Currently coaches at High Point Central High School, the Golden Spikes 16U at the NC Baseball Academy and for Region 5 Powerade State Games team.

"Several years ago I questioned how big of an difference, as a coach, I am really making on the game of baseball but even more importantly on the kids who are playing and the kids who would play if they had more access to the game.  Touch Em All is the result of that question.  There are so many life lessons to be learned through playing baseball and softball.  Unfortunately, the opportunities to do so are being based less on the ability to PLAY and more so on the ability to PAYTEA is tasked to focus more on the ability and desire of youth to play baseball and softball.  The "amateur" is being taken out of amateur youth sports because it's becoming a big business for adults. This is leaving many kids and athletes out of the game, literally."

Andy (“Harp”) passed away on August 27, 2021. Like everything else he did in life, he fought and was determined to beat COVID and double pneumonia, but God had better plans for him and took him home. Because of that, he did not actually “lose” his fight but instead, won by entering the gates of Heaven.

Since he was young, Andy always had a love for the game of baseball. He was a great catcher, pitcher and hitter with light tower power. As good as he was as a player, he realized his passion would be in coaching. He coached many different levels, at several different schools and organizations over the years and used the game of baseball as a tool to teach and mentor each player, no matter their skill level, to become the best that they could be in life and on the baseball field. He didn’t stop coaching on the field; he always checked on his players during the off-season and making sure they were doing well at home and in school. Many of his players knew of him as a friend or as a father-figure because they knew he truly cared about them and the direction of their lives. He challenged them to step out of their comfort zones and to conquer their fears. Andy’s passion to teach and mentor grew with the start of Touch ‘Em All and Triad RBI which has helped many kids in the area continue to play the game of baseball, where they may not have had another opportunity. These are just a few things that set him apart from many other coaches – his passion and care of his players and their ability to achieve the best they possibly could in the game of life – the difference between a coach and a mentor.


“It may be most human’s nature to take the path of least resistance, but the winners, the success stories, the greats aren’t most humans.”     - Andy Harper

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