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Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is a Major League Baseball youth outreach program designed to:

  • Increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among underserved youth.

  • Promote greater inclusion of youth with diverse backgrounds into the mainstream of the game

  • Increase number of talented athletes prepared to play in college and professionally

  • Encourage academic achievement

  • Teach the value of teamwork

Triad RBI Program

When Triad RBI begins in the Spring of 2021, it will be the first MLB RBI program in the Triad region and only the 3rd in North Carolina.  

Our goal is to fulfill MLB's mission statement above, but also to provide additional benefits to Triad youth players, coaches and parents.  We will be welcoming all baseball players ages 5 to 15 from anywhere in the Triad region.  There will also be existing organizations participating in our program.  We will be helping to promote these organizations as well as provide RBI Instructors, needed team and individual equipment, opportunities to participate in our mentoring program, opportunities to participate in MLB RBI tournaments and special events, and much more.  Below are our current 2021 Triad RBI members: 


  • Kings Baseball based in Greensboro currently has 8U, 10U, 12U, 13U and 15U teams, and is working on a developmental program for ages 5 to 7. 

  • Macedonia Family Center in High Point has had a baseball league for many years and currently fields up to 12 teams of local youth, ages 9 to 12. 


  • Winston-Salem Parks & Recreation serves ages 5 through 10 and is looking to strengthen its program for 11 and 12 year-olds. 

We will be looking to expand even more as we go into 2021, and beyond.

Games, skill development, tournaments and other special events will be taking place at our facility on Hicone Rd. in Greensboro as well as Macedonia Park in High Point.

Please stay tuned as Triad RBI continues to grow!

                                                     Alec Zumwalt

                                                     Director of Hitting Performance / Player Development

                                                     Kansas City Royals

                                                     1 Royal Way

                                                     Kauffman Stadium Kansas City MO 64129



To Whom it may concern,


                                      I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience and passion to continue to grow the game of Baseball in all areas, rural and urban. As a father of 4 young boys who are actively involved with the Kansas City Royals Urban Youth Academy, who also partner with the Kansas City Kansas RBI Program, our family understands the importance of the partnerships created between organizations for the greater good of our youth and the game of baseball.


                                    Our family moved to the Kansas City area 2 years ago and have been very active with the Kansas City Urban Youth Academy. With the rich history of the 18th & Vine District and the Negro Leagues Museum next door, my children have been exposed to the rich history of Baseball in Kansas City. The problem lies that with the state of amateur Baseball, most players are never be exposed to this history and unfortunately that is a problem.


                                    The partnership between RBI and the Kansas City Royals Urban Youth Academy is striving to build a better way to reach all amateur baseball players but especially those that are getting lost in the shuffle due to the money driven travel programs. I believe that what Touch ‘Em All is striving to do is virtually the same. The vision that has been cast by Andy Harper to strengthen amateur baseball by reaching those that are getting left behind is something not only that I will stand behind, but also something that I want to help from a distance to make sure ALL amateur players get the opportunity that they should to play the game of baseball.


                                    I cannot stress enough the importance of Touch ‘Em All, MLB’s RBI Program and what is being done here with the Kansas City Royals Urban Youth Academy. My family is fully invested in the UYA as my children play for UYA teams that are ran through the Kansas City Royals organization and we utilize our Major & Minor League Coaches, Scouts and Front Office employees to help grow the game of baseball in the greater Kansas City area. I believe with what Andy Harper is doing in building relationships in North Carolina through Touch ‘Em All, and partnerships with your organizations will only help strengthen amateur baseball and ultimately touch the lives of our youth with the benefits of life lessons being taught through the game of Baseball.



Alec Zumwalt

Director of Hitting Performance / Player Development

Kansas City Royals


Interested in becoming RBI Instructors! 

No full-time commitment needed. 

You can impact futures!

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Parents/Players, want to find out more information or register?

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